What We Do


bCommerce.id is a leading e-Distribution company in Indonesia. We buy, stock, and deliver products throughout Indonesia. We have warehouses in major cities.

Brand Webstore

We taylor each brand webstore to provide customers with everything they need to shop online. We make sure that each visit counts on an easy-to-use platform so customers leave satisfied


We help each brand to setup a shop in e-Marketplace, a.k.a shop-in-shop. We optimize every touch point between each brand and its customers to ensure a smooth multi-channel experience

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Sales Management

Every product we sell undergoes a thorough audit by our brand commerce team.  We manage the complex and dynamic supply chain to ensure each product makes it securely to the customers.


bCommerce.id builds brand organically with Google Suggestion. The products we sell appear top 10 with customer’s keywords. We also promote our products through ads and promotions, online and offline.

Customer Care

We have a dedicated and experience team of customer care professionals for each brand. They are ready to assist customers from call solutions, to live chats, to manage complaints in timely manner




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Brand Principal
Experience in Years

What our principals say

Experienced, Trustworthy, and Solution Oriented.

bCommerce.id greatly helps us in developing our online business.  They see us not as a client, but as a partner. From A to Z, bCommerce.id has helped us to promote our products, build a reporting system, and develop a new concept / strategy to achieve our goals. Together, we innovate and develop Bosch Automotive Aftermarket online business in Indonesia.

bCommerce.id – The Best Business Partner in Online Business.


Cahyo Sugiharto Loyalty Program & Online Channel Marketing Specialist - Bosch Automotive Aftermarket

Our Principals

At a glance

We are a leading e-Distributor, reaching divers and remote customers through multi channel e-Commerce. We stock products in our warehouses, develop self-hosted brand webstore, and shop-in-shop in various e-Marketplaces. We manage store operation, order fulfillment, and delivery to customers. We create content of each product, and develop a year-long marketing plan. Our traffic generating activities build brand organically with Google Suggestion. The following 4 pillars of performance are what actually determine our results :

  • e-Commerce Frontliners
  • Data Architect
  • Traffic Generators
  • Operational Excellence

Team Skill

e-Commerce frontliners
Data Architect
Traffic Generators
Operational Excellence

Multi-Channel Selling Strategy

bCommerce.id adopted multi-channel selling strategy to sell products on multiple platforms, including Brand Webstore, various e-Marketplaces, and Offline Sales. What we intend to achieve is getting in front of the most number of potential customers by utilizing the core competencies of each platform. Being on multiple channels gets products seen by more potential customers, and increases awareness of the brand. We use inventory management system software to manage inventory data across multiple platforms to prevent out-of-stock items, and allow us to make better business decisions based on sales trends.


About Us

Having had considerable success in distributing 3M products in e-Commerce market since 2010, bCommerce.id has now become the e-Distributor for many global brands such as Honeywell, Michelin, Bosch, Osram, Monroe, Meguiar’s, Ledvance, Repsol, Panasonic Batteries, and more. With over 70 talented staff, bCommerce.id provides robust localized multi-channel e-Commerce solutions.  Today, bCommerce.id continues to expand its capabilities and resources to take on more brands.

bCommerce.id also has offline sales and marketing teams ready to close sales on online inquiries, as well as acquire new leads and nurture them until they become sales. For the later part, our offline b2b sales team covers General Industry, Commercial, and Retail markets.

bCommerce.id was founded in August 2010 and is currently headquartered in Jababeka Industrial Estate with 4 office and fulfillment centers in Indonesia.

Principal Webstore